Sunny Day

After years of looking, finally i find my most dreaming tone of my photo accidentally and i share it here with you on my new post. But i can’t work it for another shoot, well still many years to come i guess to finally guessing which direction i went to.

On this post inspired much by Esinsilia’s style who wore exact same pattern of top like mine, the differences is she add black coat and it’s look so much chic but i can’t find mine. So guess i modify this look based on my perspective and comfort of hijabi would do.

Hope this post will help you when you have similar top like mine. And don’t forget to put your slip on to add classy but quirky vibe.

Have fun!






Top – Bangkok
Scarf – LoiLook  
Bag – Top Shop 
Shoes – mycca shoes by HGL

Captured by Shown


Life In Bar Of Chocolate

No joke!

Long time ago i was captivated by a giant piece of chocolate on my way to Bandung. It’s look yummy from far away and i just wish i can bring it home but nope it’s too big.

Few weeks ago on a sunny sunday i was invited to grand launching of “Chocodot World : Magical Chocodot Experience” by a very kind eldest brother in Paguyuban Mojang Jajaka Garut. He is a very creative, successful and productive entrepreneur and me get surprised every time like sometimes i wonder when will he ever slow for a while with all of his innovation?nope he’s unstopable. And guess what where i end up that day?










Turns out that huge chocolate bar that i always passing by is a museum built by PT Tama Cokelat Indonesia as the summary of their journey in 8 years and counting built their empire and their dedication to local tourism. Inside you can feel the mixture of tradisional vibe wrap up on modern touch. This is the first time for me as a local to find modern place to be shown to my friend whom visit and get very excited when this one open. Like when you go to Jogja you can show them De Mata well when you come by to my hometown Garut I can show you this museum for sure. I have a lot of fun inside, so many spot to be captured on photos and many yummy snack and also education about Garut and chocolate as identity of this company.

Once again congratulation for the Grand Opening Mr Kiki Gumelar, it’s such honor to be part of the first guest to visit this beautiful place.

And guys welcome to magical places, enjoy!

P.S don’t forget to bring your camera or you’ll end up regret it. Told y’a

















Family Vacation

Vacation is once a million time to come in my family dictionary, we have our strict rule in doing our business : never left them unless it’s really important. And vacation is not consider as important most of the time in our dictionry. So when there’s a time we have one same day to spend together it’s really precious to be true.

Few weeks ago we have our nephew tie the knot and the wedding hold in Setiabudi Bandung,we thought it would be such great idea to visit some places after. We even book rooms before so we won’t feel so exhausted to spend the rest of the day. Me and my sister who has the job to decide which hotel to stay, and we must say we made a terrible mistake this time, even tough the hotel is very near with resonable price but it’s…….spooky (sorry all hehe).

Me and my little family arrived about three or four in the morning (the rest of the family has gone earlier and spend night in Bandung) because i need to attend the Grand Final of Mojang Jajaka Kabupaten Garut 2017 before actually can go. The ceremony end at two in the morning so it’s miracle we can get the hotel by three (or my husband step on the gass too deep so the car is flying low instead of touch the ground while i fall asleep accidentally ._________. ).

Long story short the next morning after our room being invaded by my mom and niece and almost all my family member we totally wake up and dress up (with half concious because the rest is still flying in a dreaming world) i do my makeup and get dressed as well as my husband and directly check out the hotel. I previously said i will catch them after take extra nap for a while but they invaded my room first before check my message on family wa group later, so few hours nap may be my battery that day.

After we say good bye to our other big family member on wedding venue then we decide to go to somewhere fun, somewhere children friendly somewhere where we could spend our quality time together and it is….


Floating Market Bandung!



Well oke don’t expect too much when you read my travel diary because i am rarely going anywhere unfortunately haha. So after changing into some more comfortable outfit (we can’t go there with our dress on especially mine) we directly go to the place, it took few minutes to arrive.

And we do not pick it wrong, my baby and the rest of the kids is enjoying Floating Market as much as the parents do. It’s affordable and children friendly and give you an eyegasm scenery with the touch of fresh air. I couldn’t ask more. We enjoy walking around play with goose, chicken, rabbit and sheep.

My daughter and my niece even enter the sheep area and run widely as the sheep walking behind them seeking some carrot to eat. It’s laughtearing actually to see them (sorry kids haha). In short amount of time we did enjoy everything there even my daughter sleep while we take water train until we get out of the place and stop by nearest mosque to do pray.

And of course i don’t miss my chance to take some photos and ootd there. Some moments are always worth to captured on the photos. Here are some, enjoy.














See you on another family vacation.



Eid Adha

Eid Adha is one of big celebration for moslem family. For each and every moslem doing Haji is one of their bucket list (so do i off course) I just pray next year when god still give me time to live on his world i would have the opportunity to share many great story to you all for having such a spiritual journey. For those who are not doing Haji we are have the opportunity to do Shaum Sunnah a day before (Puasa Arafah) and sacrifice big animal the next day.

There’s a big lesson behind the beginning of the story why we are should do sacrifice that day (for those who capable), In short word  I always remember this sentence

It is enough for us to understand the sincerity of Hajar by saw her silence when Ibrahim left. And enough for us to understand the devotion of Ibrahim by her obedient to slaughter Ismail.-Dewo Pakde

It become our code, our reflection in our process to keep our devotion. Not every task or order is pleasant to be done but at the end God know best.

This year alhamdulilah i have the opportunity to do annual animal slaughter, the process is kinda the same every year how i gathered all the money to buy the cow thanks for my big sister, brother and mother help (with different story of course) if you want to know please check my last year post here.

Since Eid adha is kinda different with Eid Fitri (I have to change to my simpler outfit because I manage my own qurban with my own) i wear simplier outfit.This tunic is inspired by Vivy Yusof (of course haha) i end up buying another Schmiley mo product the next day for their quirky design and Diana Rikasari signature style. Well, for me having this tunic is light but so chic, i rarely collect salmon color dress but this one is exceptional. Paired it with inner dress that never been use from my Malala Kaftan (see the usefull of put your basic together?) you could also paired it with pants or cullotes.

Well Happy Eid Adha everyone.

Send many gratitudes from here.












Tunic – Schmiley mo via Fashion Valet
Inner Dress – Malala Kaftan Inner 
Sunglass – VB 
Bag – Furla Candy Bag

Captured by Shofwan


Special post

In the spirit of independence day of Indonesia, I would like to share some value that i think too precious to not share with people.

Everybody can be success in their very own way, we can’t compare someone’s journey to another. We have our spot to shine as long as we can find it by knowing ourselves.

One things i love the most and keep me motivated is reading someone’s else blog. I feel like it’s genuine, like read your friend’s journal or having small talk about random things. Many times In late night when i find myself hard to go back to sleep (mom’s problem) im stuck with some blog and admire their skill of writing. How they keep things in line, protect their privacy while sharing many simple things in their life that fun to read or skill they really good in. I am a person who enjoy read much than watch.

I have huge crush on few author and influencer (Diana Rikasari, Alodita, Anastasia Siantar, Vivy Yusof, Nicoline Patricia, Dinda Puspitasari, Aimee Song, Chiara Ferragni and the list is still adding), they have very different personality, and style but they have on thing in common. They are very passionate about what they do and persistence in do it year by year build their brand from zero to hero. And one thing for sure they have strong voice to speak up about what in their mind with their authenticity.

Voice of young generation.



WhatsApp Image 2017-08-17 at 10.49.15 AM

Actually this is happen on every kind of business, every dream that we wish to be true. There’s no shortcut to success, it will always require sacrifice, tears  that we need to overcome. Once you can take it you’ll a step closer to your dream. In the nation where only 1 out of 10 who really read and write i wanna be that one girl. Not one in a million but a million in one.

Read more. Write more. Do More.

Absorb like a sponge. I always encourage people to do whatever they do. Do something that your-10-years-later-self will thank you for do.  Start it up.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-17 at 10.50.37 AM


I know not everyone like to write or read like me (silly nerd trap in a mother’s body). You can do much more things if we have different interest. When you have load amount of time. Do anything that will level you up. It’s ok to have different hobby like no others. Why you have to blend in when you can stand out?

Watching tutorial.

Make your very own youtube channel.

Do your own makeup.

Cook new recipe.

Read bunch of book.


Set your mini online shopping.

Take a course.

Learn another language.

Even a pro was once amateur.

Your dream perhaps still long way to go but a small step make it closer to you. Who know what’s tomorrow will bring you. So keep believing in yourself.

Don’t let one second gone of waste.


WhatsApp Image 2017-08-17 at 10.50.36 AM


You are beyond what people say about you. You have your own mantra to be success.

Wake up and do whatever to bring your imagination come to life, or else someone else will.

Happy Independence Day Indonesia. Berkarya untuk Negeri.




Me and My Gal

I would thank myself a year ago for put myself together to finally had a gutz to try a blogging area more well prepared. It’s quite sometimes until i get my final decision to play. There’s still long way to go. To learn, to develop to find the ultimate way better than before. In a very saturated industry we need to have that authentic voices differentiate us from one another. Truthfully i still figure out my voices by endless count of try and error.

What I love the most about blogging is meeting so many talented millennials that teach me a lot, teach me new things.This time i would like to introduce you to my best friend, we have mutual crush each other so bad. Meet my camera!

I got it two years ago when throwing my bday and since then i never look back. This time i give her place in front of lenses, even not all my blog content taken by her but still she’s the one taking the most of my photography and blogging journey. Finding perfect match in our life is hard so when you find one be sure you take care of her well.





















  White shirt – Zara
Long Skirt – Sole Mio 
Denim Jacket – Bangkok Market 
Shoes – Stradivardius

Captured by Shofwan