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In the spirit of independence day of Indonesia, I would like to share some value that i think too precious to not share with people.

Everybody can be success in their very own way, we can’t compare someone’s journey to another. We have our spot to shine as long as we can find it by knowing ourselves.

One things i love the most and keep me motivated is reading someone’s else blog. I feel like it’s genuine, like read your friend’s journal or having small talk about random things. Many times In late night when i find myself hard to go back to sleep (mom’s problem) im stuck with some blog and admire their skill of writing. How they keep things in line, protect their privacy while sharing many simple things in their life that fun to read or skill they really good in. I am a person who enjoy read much than watch.

I have huge crush on few author and influencer (Diana Rikasari, Alodita, Anastasia Siantar, Vivy Yusof, Nicoline Patricia, Dinda Puspitasari, Aimee Song, Chiara Ferragni and the list is still adding), they have very different personality, and style but they have on thing in common. They are very passionate about what they do and persistence in do it year by year build their brand from zero to hero. And one thing for sure they have strong voice to speak up about what in their mind with their authenticity.

Voice of young generation.



WhatsApp Image 2017-08-17 at 10.49.15 AM

Actually this is happen on every kind of business, every dream that we wish to be true. There’s no shortcut to success, it will always require sacrifice, tears  that we need to overcome. Once you can take it you’ll a step closer to your dream. In the nation where only 1 out of 10 who really read and write i wanna be that one girl. Not one in a million but a million in one.

Read more. Write more. Do More.

Absorb like a sponge. I always encourage people to do whatever they do. Do something that your-10-years-later-self will thank you for do.  Start it up.

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I know not everyone like to write or read like me (silly nerd trap in a mother’s body). You can do much more things if we have different interest. When you have load amount of time. Do anything that will level you up. It’s ok to have different hobby like no others. Why you have to blend in when you can stand out?

Watching tutorial.

Make your very own youtube channel.

Do your own makeup.

Cook new recipe.

Read bunch of book.


Set your mini online shopping.

Take a course.

Learn another language.

Even a pro was once amateur.

Your dream perhaps still long way to go but a small step make it closer to you. Who know what’s tomorrow will bring you. So keep believing in yourself.

Don’t let one second gone of waste.


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You are beyond what people say about you. You have your own mantra to be success.

Wake up and do whatever to bring your imagination come to life, or else someone else will.

Happy Independence Day Indonesia. Berkarya untuk Negeri.




Reinventing my direction

I’ve been asked myself for several thousands time what i really want my blog to be.

Meet my new muse Vivy Yusof (and her blog too proudduck ), she’s just two years apart from me but has been done zillion amazing things in her life make me want to buried myself in shame of “where the hell you are going yes?”

Fact i have real doubt, i love to write as much as i like fashion and styling itself.

I always have that concern do I need to start writing (again) or just stick with these kind of fashion blogger thingy that not much needed words to describe.

Don’t get me wrong i do love both and doing only one just like killing my brain and creativity in which glare joys in my mind.

So should i start writing?

I perhaps in the middle of phase of I don’t care. Why so serious about this thing? When you are genuinely being you the energy will come naturally. I am the one who always think of other’s comfort besides mine and it’s not really good in certain creative process because you are not 100% you.

One of biggest hijabi blogger have ever said

Blogging and social media is a challenging area, there’s no certain formula how someone can be successful. One formula perhaps could be very effective on someone but it doesn’t guarantee it will work on you. so just keep doing what you love.

Back and forth this my blog, my land, my territory  I can try different type of way and when things don’t get along we can start from somewhere different and look how it goes.

I have ever read a fashion magazine editor ever wrote this line

Bahkan seseorang yang belum terbukti memiliki prestasi, diberi predikat influencer hanya karena memiliki followers jauh lebih banyak dari seorang presiden.

Darn, It punch me, life is not always about gathering follower and do some endorsement. Yes it does matter but not the main things. We have more to go than that. I have ever get the situation where my community want to rely on some “influencer’ with thousands follower but then we rethink again when someone ask us

“who is she/he?what have she/ he done?”

we suddenly silent while think soooo hard (that eventually we cancel the plan) to answer it *end of story.

Well then when now I being put in this situation where people might think what I really do with all those photo traveling around the world (which I am rarely do actually) or bunch of photos showing her stuff? What value do I really share?

I want to have moment to speak clear and fluent about what I do with my social media game and blog.

Enjoy my virtual diary and styling game.



Happiest Day

This must be one of my longest post so far, since I have a lot in mind to tell you about how I spend my birthday this year. Last 22nd Jan I never expect anything, any celebration or expect any surprises. I have few appointment and work to be done on sunday (my birthday) I have no choice but to do it even I wish I could just spend time with my lil family going somewhere yet I still go through it without expection.

Then it begin at midnight, suddenly my husband woke me up to cook him noodle which never happen before but I do it anyway without any suspicious while try to gathered my soul from dream land. Then suddenly magic happen and I find those beautiful table setting complete with all the cake, cupcake and ballon. I lost my word and burst into tears while still try to understand what really happen (you know that phase when you just wakeup ahaha). My husband never run out ways to amaze me.

























I have lack of sleep that day since my sleep hour being disturbed by this surprises. Among those happiness bubbles i remember my appointment tomorrow and I don’t wanna late. So after take a few hours nap left I wake up, drag myself to prepared and woke up my husband. We took my daughter too because her nanny is sick and can’t came to took care of her. Lucky us my bro in law is in home and willing to go with us.

Short story I’ve done my photoshoot and catch the meeting in hurry, i promise my husband to finish it as soon as possible. As soon as I get the place I saw no one of my main team show up as their promise, i have no second tought and think they may have another job to finished thought I wouldn’t stay too long. In the middle of meeting when I ask them to order some food there’s come my main team with cake and ballon and everything. I have no word (again) but burst in happiness. It turns out they planned it all to bust me and i got trapped without any thought. It’s like a movie scene and I love my movie. Surrounded by people who love you is the most amazing gift god gave you.

What’s the meaning of a bucket of flowers? Nothing

What’s the meaning of a piece of cake? Nothing

But with kindness it’s EVERYTHING.


Table Setting : RSR Party Planner (@shanty_athena)
Captured by : Yadie Wijaya and Puji FN 

Much Love,


Your Best Way To Start New Year

Actually, it’s a pleasant day to start 2017 with new festive vibe.

Every year I make my own wishlist on what best to invest, after you do your hard work along the year. Yep you need to balance your life. Work hard play HARDER! I’ll spoil you some of my fave item


Huda Beauty Rose Gold Pallete

I am a super picky person moreover when word “DUPES” grow strong among many beauty addict. Why you have to spend all that money on a product that can be substitute? So when buying a product I have multiple concern on how worth to buy is it. I am a fan of Huda Kattan, a beauty blogger who turn into bussiness woman. All of her work is amazing include every product she created with the team, tha fab lashes, lip countour, liquid matte and her latest creation rose gold pallete.

Among all her creation I would love to pick that beautifull pallete. I know the hive of that kylie pallete but with all that money spend I really want something that “work” on my face and one of a kind. When you spend a lot of money on a pallete you surely want to make it one standing the crowd. And it filled much more brick than usual palette has. Like you buy almost two set on a pallete. And they have almost all hot colors in one palette. See Len Zakaria’s work using this pallete and you’ll fall in love already.


Sony G7x

One of best camera for vlogging era, you will find this camera in almost on every great influencer, vlogger and everyone who work on youtube. It’s compact, easy, and give you amazing result. Great photos is a must for you feed and a great camera as well. Why you have to buy two camera when one can suit all you need?


Aimee Song : Capture Your Style

if you are have passion in creative industry especially on digital area you need this book. Song of style is one of succesfull blogger with 4.2 M followers on instagram ( and still counting) . She revelead how she mantain her social media and blog include every detail she need to make a great photos. It has become one of new york best selling book since then. Should be one of your must have book this year.


Guccy Dionysius Bag

Gucci has been one of the most succesfull brand in 2016 by its most popular bag dyonisus (you see everyone wear it, literally EVERYONE). It looks like everyone fall in love already with this bag, this bag is like the new LV speedy bag or Givenchy Antigona. Now people tend to like something smaller and simplier somehow it remain me with classic Chanel Flapbag (with new touch of course you can’t miss that buckle and that bamboo accent for gucci). This bag is included in luxury brand which is retalied around 17 mio in rupiahs, ( yes I know you will have that strange look after read the price but it’s the truth and I wont hide it. This is the most talked about bag this year, period.)  just in case you have that much money and want to invest it on bag. Read pursebop.com to see how a bag can be a good investment somehow. I am personally also have that multiple concern on having this as my collection nowadays I will just staring this bag from far behind. Haha but if you have  a chance why not to have this it bag to reward yourself?


Apple Watch

When it first launch i didn’t put much attention on it ( seriously), but since once my mom want to buy it (so bad till any other brand couldn’t be another option) i fallin love with this high tech watch after doing my mini research. The key is on the strap, you can camuflage in thousands way of style. Want to go sporty, classic, chic, masculine, you have it. Plus it super high technology for a watch, it synchronize with your phone (iphone only), and then every brand make their own version. But for me nothing beats that sleek design of apple (forgive me I’m an apple fan since day one). For series 1 it sell aroud 4-5 mio and for second series its price around 5-6 mio, there’s also several special series like sporty one (around 7 mio) and specia edition with hermes (around 15 mio). The differences betwen those series as I know is in technolgy they provide in it (correct me if I’m wrong). They also have different size watch 36mm 42mm. So pick who you want to be today with your iwatch.


Super Fun Travelling

Who said travelling is so expensive? said it no more, once in a year going somewhere you never been. I watch and learn from most traveled person on earth and they said the key is preparation and excecution. My lil sis give me some advices, save money from the beginning of the year. Well since it’s a new year we can have a fresh start for a good travel spot for the end of the year. Second tips is do backpack. Less comfort or should I say less luxury? Why you have to spend millions pennies for just sleep and put your stuff when you can do it in an clean comfort room cost you a lot less? (unless you have that money). Travel is always about option, how you want to spend it. You can also cook by yourself like at home and spend a lot more money(if you have that skill). Two of my recent favourite destination is Dubai and Japan, both stiff and unique place that await your visit for extraordinary experience.




It’s an accident visit to Bandung but I can’t resist to share this post. This is my first time staying at hostel and I pretty much enjoy it. As we know in Bandung they offer you a new way to stay beside in hotel, the place is really good, unique and quite. Really fits you to stay and relax with good food off course. They have that green signature bed and real vintage ambience with affordable prices. And we have that delish breakfast on bed, perfect match for that lazy day. They have almost every spot “instagramable” but too bad I can’t make enough photos because my baby daughter get cranky. Here few I can save for you and yes it’s really recommended once you want to stay in Bandung.








Tunic :  Lovesimplymii
 Stripes shirt : Evolvere
Shoes : Stradivardius

 Shirt : Gingersnap
Jeans : H&M
Shoes : Adidas

Captured by : Le Husband

Jalan Panumbang Jaya no 5 Bandung
022 82065241/42 | +62 898 6663466



Rahasia Sukses Blogger

Dulu mungkin profesi blogger dan content creator belum sebooming sekarang, orang masih merasa kebutuhan informasi akan trend terbaru, review produk dan berbagai hal lain cukup didapatkan dari majalah majalah dan media cetak ternama.

Ya itu dulu, saat orang orang masih asing dengan istilah istilah dalam ingredient produk dan cara memadu madankan pakaian untuk street style sehari hari. Sebelum forum forum seperti female daily menjawab kebutuhan banyak perempuan akan informasi yang belum terjawab oleh media.

Namun sekarang dengan bergesernya era media informasi, sering kita merasa lebih nyaman membaca review dari seseorang lewat social media atau blognya karena terasa lebih real. Mereka tidak sama sekali berafilisiasi dengan perusahaan tempat produk produk yang mereka review dibuat. Tulisannya terasa lebih intim dan personal seperti hasil kita chat personal kepada teman kita mengenai produk foundation apa yang sedang in dan bagus atau hasil obrolan ringan apakah trend pleats skirt bisa kita pakai dengan sweater untuk pergi ke kantor.

Profesi blogger dan influencer mungkin sudah menjadi salah satu profesi yang menjanjikan untuk dipertimbangkan, melihat pesatnya perkembangannya saat ini. Banyak influencer yang telah mendunia telah menorehkan pencapaian luar biasa mereka lewat blog atau channel youtube mereka. Berbagai macam kolaborasi dan deal bisnis yang dibuat oleh banyak blogger sukses di dalam dan luar negeri. Dan melihat besarnya pengaruh yang bisa dilakukan seorang influencer dalam adopsi trend dan penggunaan satu produk oleh publik. Sebut saja Aimee song style blogger yang disebut sebut memiliki kontrak termahal untuk seorang blogger dengan brand Laura Mercier atau Chiara Ferragni yang sukses mebawakan brand sepatunya yang kini telah mendunia padahal hanya dimulai dari blognya atau Kathleen Light yang sukses dengan banyak produk kolaborasi dengan berbagai brand kosmetik yang menjadi produk hits setelah sukses mendapat banyak perhatian dari youtube channelnya. Tak terhitung banyaknya cover majalah fashion ternama yang memuat wajah wajah diva dunia digital yang semakin membuat orang sadar akan prospek yang menunggu mereka saat terjun ke ranah yang sama.


Lalu apa rahasia kesuksesan dari para blogger ternama ini?

Apa yang dibutuhkan untuk menjadi influencer ternama?

Satu benang merah yang bisa kita lihat di semua blogger sukses adalah KONTEN YANG MENARIK. Manusia adalah makhluk visual, banyak dari kita lebih menikmati sebuah foto daripada tulisan yang begitu panjang. Penyajian konten yang menarik akan lebiih mudah diterima dan diingat oleh pembaca.

Jika kita melihat kualitas foto atau video para influencer yang sudah mendunia tentu kita membayangkan investasi kamera yang begitu mahal dan skill fotografi yang mumpuni. Belum apa apa kita sudah malas dengan budget yang harus disisihkan sebelum memulai.

Well, beruntung saya membaca buku Aimee Song “Capture your Style”, dimana Aimee membeberkan bahwa hampir separuh isi dari instagramnya diambil menggunakan kamera ponsel (dan kemudian kita ternganga saat membuka isi feed instagramnya @songofstyle). Jadi Aimee menekankan untuk memaksimalkan penggunaan handphone dalam kebutuhan materi blog dan vlog seperti foto dan video.

Tentu menjadi udara segar untuk kita para pemula dan mungkin blogger yang sudah lama bagaimana ternyata menciptakan konten yang menarik tidak harus selalu menggunakan “device” yang amat mahal.

Saya bertanya tanya kamera ponsel macam apa yang kiranya bisa mengakomodir seluruh kepentingan kita seperti apa yang disampaikan Aimee tanpa harus merogoh kocek terlalu dalam. Setelah saya baca beberapa artikel salah satunya disini http://www.samsung.com/id/smartphones/galaxy-j5-2016-j510fn/ perhatian saya jatuh pada seri ponsel terbaru Samsung yang dirancang seperti khusus untuk blogger karena berbagai fiturnya, Samsung J5 dan J7.




Beberapa fitur yang menarik perhatian saya yaitu Selfie Flash, untuk beberapa bblogger tentu punya ring light seperti satu keharusan supaya hasil foto makeup sempurna. Selfie Flash seakan menjawab banyak tanya akan selfie sempurna bahkan di tempat gelap, kamu yang suka surfing di youtube pasti pernah lihat iklan J5 yang anti selfie gelap yang menurut saya kocak sekaligus ngena haha.

Fitur lain yang menurut saya revolusioner adalah Ultra Data Saving dan Ultra Power Saving. Masa pakai baterai yang singkat dan penggunaan data internet yang terhitung mahal sering menjadi masalah saat kita sedang bepergian atau sedang hunting foto dan saat kita sedang mencoba menggunggah dan menyusun konten blog atau vlog. Dengan adanya dua fitur ini kita seakan diberikan solusi atas hal hal yang selalu mengganggu aktifitas kita dalam blogging. Selain itu kualitas camera video dan foto yang dimiliki handphone ini banyak mendapatkan review positif karena hasilnya yang memuaskan. Dan tentu bentuk dan ukuran handphonenya yang menurut saya (literally) powerfully elegant.

Dengan harga yang terjangkau Samsung J5 dan J7 bisa menjadi salah satu senjata andalan para blogger dan vlogger untuk menunjang aktifitasnya dalam membuat konten kreatif dan berkualitas. Seperti punya satu all in one tools untuk semua masalah kamu. One of my wishlist definitely Samsung J5 atau J7 (Oh lord I really confuse to decide which one!).